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Situated on Tarkarli’s Virgin beach that opens to sparkling blue water. Just 6 k.m away from Malvan. One can say ‘Sea at your doorsteps’ - just walk through your Resort and be on the beach any time you wish. Tarkarli Beach is God-gifted with natural safety, famous for its crystal clarity water that one can actually see the seabed up to a depth of 20 ft. and its silver sand. You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba-diving, backwaters & boating with dolphins in your company.
The Tarkarli beach itself is the main attraction in Tarkarli however there is lots to see in and around Tarkarli making Tarkarli an ideal holiday destination. For the ones interested in historic spots The sindhudurg fort just a few minutes away from Tarkarli is a must visit. Rosary church in Malvan one of the oldest in western India is also worth a visit.


Tarkarli is slowly emerging as the most sought after destination for water sports in Maharashtra amongst the beach buffs.

Scuba diving

Experience scuba diving in Malvan Tarkarli Maharashtra with Marinedive scuba adventures at Low Price and High Pleasure.


M.T.D.C identified Malvan as an ideal dive site for snorkeling and since then snorkeling in Tarkarli has become one of the major attraction of a Tarkarli holiday.

Nivati Fort

The village of Nivati is located to the south of Sindhudurga fort, about 10 km away from Malvan and 15 km from Vengurla. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

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The charges are as follows
Dolphin Viewing
Rs. 1000-1500/-
Backwater tour with fishing
Rs. 1000-1500
Water sports at tsunami island
Rs. 700-800/
Per person 5 rides Paraceiling
Rs. 1000-1200
Deep water fishing
Rs. 1000-1500/-

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Bird Watching

Bird watchers can also spend amazing time while spotting a wide range of avifauna within this park. On a tour to Dajipur, you can easily spot bison, wild deer, chital, gawa and several others. Bird watching in early morning hours.

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Water Sports

Tarkarli Beach is a must while on a trip to Tarkarli village. Irrespective of with whom you are planning your visit, a visit to this beach should be in your list of things to do around Tarkarli. Visit this sandy paradise, enjoy the tepidness of its playful sands, feel the pleasant breezes and listen to the hymns of the rolling sea waves along with participating in several water sports.

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One of the most popular and best things to do in Tarkarli, parasailing involves floating above the turquoise waters of the sea on a safety parachute that remains harnessed to a powerful boat. As the boat makes its move on the water, it pulls the parachute above the ground and takes you higher within just a few seconds. Sounds amazing, right? Make a plan to Tarkarli and let all your senses get pleasantly lost while witnessing the mesmeric beauty of Tarkarli and its pristine beaches. Tarkarli will lure you to indulge in parasailing and witness their enchanting beauty from high above the ground.

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Jungle Safari

A home stay amidst natural surroundings, a walk in the forest that boasts of diverse plant and animal life, a safari with a chance to see bears and bisons, the quintessential Indian temple by the river and a chance to greet our underwater sea-friends. Put on your walking shoes and head to Amboli for a jungle trek. Amboli is a reptile and amphibian haven and a birdwatcher's paradise.

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Sindhudurg Fort

A reminiscent of Malvan's rich history and past, Sindhudurg Fort stands strong on a small island in the majestic Arabian Sea. A symbol Maratha Empire's valour, this glorious fort was built by ShivajiMaharaj in the late 1656s.
An architectural marvel in its own period, it is one of the most fascinating sea-forts in the country and was built to safeguard the Maratha Empire from the enemies. The fortifying walls and the revolutionary layout of the fort justifies the fact that it was among the brilliant structures built during the Maratha regime in Maharashtra.
Visit this ancient fort in Sindhudurg and find a way to revisit its golden history. Explore the surroundings and marvel at the architectural brilliance of the past along with enjoying panoramic views of the Arabian Sea.

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Fishing and Crab Catching

In Trakarli try your hand at sea fishing. After a relaxing one hour boat ride far into the sea and readying your equipment i.e the fishing thread and the fish food, you get to cast your fishing line and wait for your catch. Don't worry if you are a first timer, the instructors are available to help you bait and handle your catch. The lucky ones get a good catch and you can even enjoy relishing your catch for Dinner.

Many More Facilities

Sindhudurg Fort
Scuba diving
Trekking and mountainering
Backwater ride day and
Night Beach camp fire
Local folk art and culture experience
Sea safari boat ride Sea
Dolphin viewing
Light house safari
Local melodrama
Night backwater safari
Mango, Cashew, Betelnut farm visit
Nivati fort visit
Farm Visit
Village visits to know the life an culture